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My friends husky is 8 weeks old and absolutely adorable.

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Current obsession is a collaboration between Gisella Velasco and Toni Potenciano called “FLY ART” which they describe as “The best marriage on the internet: hip hop and art”. The pair combines a few of my favourite things: matching lyrics from different hip hop songs with pieces of art, ranging from the Renaissance to Post-Modernism, and the result is amazing. Changing the context of the song and the piece introduce a really unexpected perspective, and I can’t get enough.

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In Seattle, there’s an elevated section of highway jutting out of SR 520, left over from a connector that was never completed. 

Over the years, Seattle residents have covered it in graffiti and transformed it into a dance floor, skateboard park, a swimming hole, and a kayaking course. Lovers have even been married under it. 

Now the city is scheduling the removal of the ramp. In tribute, a group of architects and designers have coated it with curved acrylic that will stay with the structure until its end.

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puppy is understandably confused about everything in life

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Submarine (2010) dir. Richard Ayoade

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